Company Profile

Who are we?

DMS, founded in 1999 as a private company, has transitioned from a private company [(Pty) Ltd], to a Non-Profit Company [NPC].

DMS was originally founded in an effort to support private sector and the South African Government's endeavours to reduce priority risks associated with disasters. The company’s initial focus emphasised business continuity management in the private sector, but quickly expanded to include disaster risk management as intended by the Disaster Management Act when promulgated in 2003.


DMS NPC’s vision has broadened beyond building capacity of people managing disaster and business risk in a safe and sustainable environment, toward ensuring resilient communities that are self-reliant and adaptable through sustainable livelihoods.


Enhancing community resilience.

The DMS way

DMS does not follow a traditional consultant approach but believes in building the internal capacity of its clients to manage their own risks in a way which no externally driven process can. DMS believes in the importance of applying the right human knowledge, skills and attitude to reach goals, versus finite systems limiting and constricting human creativity and resourcefulness.

DMS bases its capacity building facilitation on adult learning and lifelong learning principles. A variety of learning methods like lectures, group discussions, playing games (edutainment), coaching, case studies and individual assignments forms part of the facilitated learning process. A process of self-assessment and continuous assessment / observation from the facilitator is used to assess whether the learner has reached the outcomes.

DMS has access to an extensive pool of excellent fulltime and part-time facilitators, trainers and experts with wide international, national, provincial and local government disaster risk management and business continuity experience. Core competencies do not only include cutting-edge knowledge, skills and experience in disaster risk management, but also of related fields such as strategic & business planning, financial modelling, emergency medical services, fire and rescue services, public management, occupational health and safety, information and communications technology, policy analysis, environmental management and project & programme management.


We believe our clients’ needs drive our business;

We treat all individuals and stakeholders with respect and dignity;

We are loyal to God, our clients, our company and ourselves;

We are committed to strict financial controls and 

We support balanced moral and ethical principles

Business focus and approach

DMS support clients in their search for solutions to specific company needs. DMS also enables individuals to obtain accredited qualifications while developing and implementing their Business Continuity Management (BCM) or Disaster Risk Management programmes (DRM) in accordance with international good practice and other compliance requirements. This includes capacitating people with the ability, skills and knowledge to manage their own Business Continuity Management or Disaster Risk Management programme to maturity.

Attributes of the proven integrated and participated process: 

  • Define specific needs, compliance requirements and outcomes 
  • Customise services and products according to the local practices 
  • Customise and integrate into normal business 
  • Modular approach to accommodate phased implementation 
  • Phased courses to suit availability of learners 
  • Using your business as the class room 
  • Integrated in your Business Continuity- or Disaster Risk Management programme 
  • Practical assignments that are implemented immediately 
  • Personal advice and coaching by experienced facilitators 
  • Scientific evaluation of progress



  • F Mocke 
  • MJ de Beer 
  • E Mocke 
  • DM Triegaardt
  • FJ Hoets


DMS is a Level 4 Contributor to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

Membership / Accreditation

  • DMS is accredited as a Provider of Education and Training by the LG SETA (# LGRS-759-110517)
  • In addition to the above, certain other training material is accredited by the Services SETA, # SETQAA-0216, TETA (Transport Education and Training Authority), # TETA09-119 and AgriSETA 
  • DMS is a supporting member of DMISA (Disaster Management Institute of Southern Africa), # 133/s
  • DMS is a corporate member of IRMSA (The Institute of Risk Management South Africa) # 8526

Product / service offering

We capacitate and enable individuals to enhance their disaster risk management and business continuity management programmes through a number of value-adding services designed to make it easy to use.

Training programmes

DMS developed a variety of short learning programmes to capacitate learners with the required skills, knowledge and attitude to perform their respective functions in business continuity and disaster risk management, as well as generic management.

Professional consultation services

Having access to a comprehensive number of excellent consultants, we render professional consultant services to the business continuity, disaster management and related industries. Our team of specialists is ready to provide expert inputs and help individuals to conduct programme audits, table-top and simulation exercises, risk assessments (hazard and vulnerability identification), training needs analysis and other specialist tasks. Whenever necessary, we will source suitably qualified specialists and subcontract such service to deliver the quality product that our client needs.

Facilitation services

A team of experienced facilitators are available and eager to help individuals through professional workshop facilitation to develop their own disaster risk management and business continuity management policy, framework, plans and processes, based on international best practice.

Partners and associates

  • Crebus – Providing Integrated Business Solutions
  • The Adjustment Bureau – Managing Change through Theatre
  • EMPOWERisk Management Services – Enterprise-wide Risk Solutions
  • Umoya – Communications Network and Software Solutions Provider
  • Applewood Data Tech – Banking and Mobile Cellular Solutions 
  • JC Erasmus Research – Professional Researchers 
  • Lerumo – Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

The Team

The DMS Team has a wide range of qualifications and experience, listed below:


  • PhD – Town- & Regional Planning
  • BA (Hons) – Geography and Information Science
  • Diploma – Disaster Management
  • Diploma – Business Continuity
  • BSc – Mathematics and Chemistry
  • MEd – Technology: Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
  • Management Development Programme (UNISA)
  • Advanced Executive Programme (UNISA)
  • Management Diploma (Henley)
  • BSc – Environmental and Geographical Science & Ocean and Atmosphere Science
  • MPhil – Disaster Risk Science
  • Management – Advanced Programme
  • Advanced Programme – Project Management 
  • Certificate – Project Management 
  • BBA – Disaster Risk Management
  • Certificate Programme in Management and Development – Municipal Finance


  • Business Continuity Management
  • Business Impact Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Business Continuity Strategies
  • Response & Recovery
  • Audit, Exercise & Tests
  • Disaster Management and related disciplines 
  • Education 
  • Organisational Development
  • External Communications
  • Communication and Community Development
  • Programme/ Project Management
  • Environmental Health Management
  • Comprehensive Defence Force experience (17 years), including management and training at various levels
  • Accident Prevention / Damage Control / Emergency Preparedness / Risk management 
  • Customer Service
  • Total of 54 years in the energy industry – various management levels, including project management, safety, risk and emergency management, electrification, protective services, corporate services
  • Development of applications according to supplied commercial and business specifications
  • Management of the integration between business units and outsourced IT partners
  • Definition, development and implementation of operational risk management with the emphasis on business continuity management 
  • GIS and Data Management

Client Sectors

  • Local Municipalities
  • District & Metro Municipalities
  • Provincial Departments
  • National Departments
  • Utilities
  • Parastatals
  • Private Companies
  • Banking Sector
  • Financial Institutions
  • Mining Sector
  • Retail 
  • Manufacturing