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Risk Reduction

Prevention, mitigation and preparedness plans reduce the risk and build resilience.

The risk reduction strategies, based on the risk assessment, evaluate all different options and project manages the best method for optimum results to reduce risk. These projects should focus on sustainable development, as the future of the world is in the hands of the current generation. Suitablerisk reduction solutions will be developed to suit the needs of the specific client, to prevent the risk, mitigate the impact or be prepared for any eventuality.
Integrated Development Planning (IDP)
Risk reduction projects must be implemented by inclusion in the IDPs, therefore the IDP office should be involved in the projects from the initiation phase. This ensures the most cost effective methodology is used to reduce risk and that the responsible departmenttake ownership of the risk reduction project plan. This process can be supported by DMS to ensure sustainable development as well as quality service delivery.
Planning for Response & Recovery

Effective and efficient response and recovery is based on a well-planned, coordinated and integrated reaction from all role-players. In this regard, the Early Warning System plays an essential role. DMS can assist organisations in the development of such Early Warning Systems and comprehensive contingency / response plans.

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