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Programme in
Incident Management

TETA accredited, NQF level 5 training.

Incident Management Training is designed to assist individuals and equip teams with the essential skills and techniques required for managing an incident effectively and efficiently. This course is a comprehensive learning opportunity covering all aspects of developing and implementing an incident response structure and crisis management plan.
This three-day training aims to assist multi-disciplinary Incident Management Teams/Structures (across functional boundaries) in developing an incident management plan and testing the implementation thereof in a simulation-based exercise according to their own circumstances. This training is based on Unit Standard 119031, “Assess and analyse an incident”.
Who should attend?
People who require knowledge and an understanding of how to manage an incident and build crisis management capability in an organisation should attend. These include:
  • Disaster and Risk Managers
  • Departmental line-functions
  • Paramedics and Fire Department Personnel
  • Police Officers
  • Health Official
  • Traffic and Municipal Security Personnel
  • Private Security and Rescue Companies
  • Councillors
The successful learner should be able to develop an Incident Management Plan / Contingency Plan, which includes the following: 
  • Understand basic concepts of disaster risk management and integrated incident management
  • Identify lead and support agencies and their responsibilities, and establish an incident management team to deal with an incident
  • Identify resources necessary for an effective response to minor and major incidents
  • Assess and analyse an incident 
  • Understand and apply the concept of Command and Control in the context from On Scene Command (OSC), Unity of Command (UoC) and Unified Command 

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